As an entrepreneur, you assume a high degree of responsibility – for yourself and others. After all, you are shaping the future of the German economy. We support you as a pioneer. With heart, expertise and conviction.

At Hansen & Heinrich, we know a lot about entrepreneurs – after all, the global start-up stronghold of Berlin is our home. That’s why we have a wealth of experience at your side when it comes to making the right decisions and ensuring that your life’s work, and not least yourself, are well protected. As a trustworthy partner, we not only advise you on how to increase your assets and develop new perspectives in terms of investment. We also advise you, for example, on how to optimally provide for your employees in the area of pension advice or how to find the right property for your company. Then there is our private secretariat. Within the scope of this family office service, we relieve you significantly of all stressful organisational and administrative matters.


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