Investments & Integrity.

Our asset management.

Would you like to place your assets in professional hands? We at Hansen & Heinrich protect and increase your assets – and at the same time advise you at eye level. Far away from fast-moving trends and speculative investments, we work with you to develop a strategy tailored to your individual needs that is sound and resilient.

Our expertise.

As experienced, bank-independent advisors with various professional specialisations, different degrees and many years of expertise in asset management, we do everything we can to ensure that your values are invested soundly and sustainably – especially in times of zero interest rate policies and volatile financial markets.

Unsere Anlagestrategien.

As a matter of principle, our investment strategies are geared towards the long term. At the same time, they are always scrutinised with regard to the current market conditions as well as the individual life situation and goals of our clients. This enables us to react at any time to significant life changes or serious events on the international financial markets. Furthermore, ethical and sustainable criteria also flow into the selection of suitable investments.

Our competence.

Whether individual asset management, Hansen & Heinrich Managed Depots or funds – we provide you with comprehensive and profound advice. In doing so, we orient our actions towards target returns based on your wishes. We incorporate global political and economic developments as well as comprehensive analysis tools and studies into our recommendations, balancing your need for return optimisation and risk avoidance. And we offer you access, for example, to our five proprietary unit-linked asset management products tailored for different types of investors. In this way, we contribute to the protection of your capital and generate permanently stable income.

Our independence.

As a licensed asset manager, we are not permitted to take commissions for fund or product sales – neither from banks, nor from fund companies. This enables us to advise our clients completely independently and to choose the best possible product for them.

The asset management of Hansen & Heinrich secures and increases your values. For the discussion of a long-term strategy that fits your individual situation, not only national or international global economic conditions and current political developments are taken into account, but also ethical principles. No matter what goals and strategies you are pursuing – we will be happy to advise you.

Discretionary asset management.

Our discretionary investment management is suitable for clients with a complex asset situation. A personal advisor works out the guidelines for your investment together with you and our portfolio managers, which are then implemented in your interests. These include, for example, a maximum equity quota and consideration of the client’s preferred investment wishes. It is also possible to invest in individual securities.

Hansen & Heinrich Managed Depots.

Hansen & Heinrich Managed Depots give you uncomplicated and direct access to fund-based asset management. You can choose from five different strategies – and decide together with our experienced financial market experts which one best suits your life situation and your individual goals. The investment itself takes the form of a one-time investment or in combination with savings plans. In addition, there is regular reporting.


In the fund area, the extensive range is rounded off by the three in-house products Strategy H&H, Hansen & Heinrich Universal and Hansen & Heinrich Stiftungsfonds. Another option is the Awesome Future Tech Opportunities Fund.

  • Strategie H&H is a mutual fund designed as a defensive mixed fund. It pursues the goal of steady income with low volatility as well as appropriate value growth, taking into account the criteria of capital security, value stability and liquidity of the fund assets.
  • The Hansen & Heinrich Universalfonds is a mutual fund with a focus on German and international equities. In addition, it is suitable for short positions.
  • The Hansen & Heinrich Stiftungsfonds is aimed exclusively at tax-exempt investors. This special fund pursues the goal of regular returns – and at the same time has external ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) controlling.
  • This ensures that the product meets high ethical and sustainability criteria.
  • The Awesome Future Tech Opportunities Fund is a fund project launched in cooperation with the German-Chinese venture capital platform Awesome Capital. This retail fund with a tech focus concentrates in particular on hidden champions in China. Further information at:
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